Local Service District

Recognition Awards

Guidelines for honoring Community Champions
The Kingsclear Local Service Advisory Committee (KLSAC) would like to establish a means to recognize members of the community who in the past, or currently, have contributed to the improvement of our LSD and its citizens.

What is a Community Champion?
A Community Champion is a person who has improved the quality of life of KLSD residents by their actions, they think of the community before themselves, they're committed to making things better for everyone. It's just part of their definition of being a good citizen.

Why honor Community Champions?
Honoring Community Champions would:
- Provide an example for the rest of KLSD to follow
- Provide an occasion to highlight and explain KLSD issues
- Demonstrate that even one person can be an effective agent for change
- Make the people who are engaged in community service feel that they and their work are valued and appreciated
- Show residents of KLSD who the real heroes are
- Encourage others to become involved in ongoing work for KLSD
- Keep people thinking about community service all the time and plant the notion that they themselves should be more involved in KLSD in a positive manner.

Who should nominate someone to be honored as a Community Champion?
Anyone in the KLSD area may nominate another KLSD resident for this recognition.

How do you nominate a Community Champion?
1. Submit an email to the KLSDAC that describes the nominee explaining what the nominee has done to get recognition as a Community Champion (
2. Accompany the email with the names and contact information for two KLSD residents who agree with the nomination.
3. Provide a suggestion as to when and where you think it would be best to bestow the award upon the person being nominated.

How will Community Champions be honored?
Community Champions will be presented with a certificate of recognition from KLSDAC and their names will be added to a plaque which is to be hung in the Upper Kingsclear Community Centre. Pictures of the recognition ceremony will posted on the KLSD web site.